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I am just another guy caught in the quagmire of health care, trying to get my two cents across through this blog. The discussion here is on the intersection of healthcare and life in general. It is about how developments in the real world have an impact on health care and vice versa. There is intended interactivity in the articles published here and the people who visit the blog.

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    • Now India has its first digital professional channel gated for validated doctors to learn, interact and understand medical science customized for India- mdCurrent-India (
      Salil your presentation called for innovation in social media for doctors- it is here-lets talk. Steve

  1. Sir I had worked with Pharma companies as MR and ASM. No I am Teaching Marketing MBA. Presently I am reassured of carrying out my PhD Thesis on collusion between Physician and the Pharma Cos. I request you to guide me on this by sending related articles.

  2. Dear Salil,

    My name is Melody Wilding and I’ve been following your posts for Rx executives. I really enjoy your perspective on the field. Leadership in pharma is an important issues facing the development of healthcare, so the information that your blog provides is extremely important and I thank you for it.

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    Check out this year’s highlights, including our China Forum and Hot Areas of Investment panels at

    We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and spread the word about OneMedForum your readers. I would like to ask you to pass along to your readers information about this event, since it could be so helpful to them. Our forum is the perfect way to align your site as a supporter the future of health and medicine.

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    Melody J. Wilding
    Communications Manager

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